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Case Study –  Audit Construction Site



The company was employed as the designer for a large construction and had engaged the services of a Principal Contractor.

The Designer felt that safety on site was being overlooked to reduce costs and was invariably concerned about the health safety and welfare of the site. They had been let down by other consultants because upon further investigation they were not qualified and this was a grave concern

Quite simply the company called us and gave us the following brief to establish the following on their behalf

  • To establish what should be in place versus what the contractor is actually doing on site
  • What corrective actions can be taken without closing the site
  • If any required corrective action(s) genuinely can only  be undertaken by closing the site, the nature of the corrective actions and timescales for those actions
  • Actions to be taken to protect the position of the Designer and the position of their client with respect to Health and Safety on the project

Our advice

Given the brief and very real concerns of the Designer we advised that our services be engaged to carry out a snap unannounced inspection / audit of the site based upon the content of the Health and Safety file within the week. This would be backed up by a written report of recommendations and photos to guide the Designer and point them, the Principle Contractor and the Client in the right direction to aid additional funds to be released for site risk management purposes.

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