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Case Study –  How to Complete the Health and Safety Law Poster



The client contacted us to ask our advice as an employee was not sure how complete the Health and Safety Law Poster that was displayed in their office

Our Advice

The employee who made the initial enquiry did not have the poster to hand so could not tell us whether it was the old or the new poster that was to be completed. We therefore gave the following advice to the client that addressed both posters so that this could be passed
on to the employee.

Old Poster - April 1999

New Poster - 6th April 2009

Old Poster New Poster

The Information for Employees Regulations places an obligation on the employer to display the Health and Safety Law poster in a prominent position or to issue each staff member with a summary pocket leaflet.

Why the Change?
The old poster dated 1999 has been updated to make it much more user friendly as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) felt that employers struggled to complete the multiple boxes correctly.

Leaflet or Poster?
The pocket leaflet may be ideal for small companies that employ 5 or less employees. This leaflet now dated 2009, summarises the key points in the new poster also dated 2009 and is to be handed out to employees in addition tot he information that would be recorded in the blank boxes.

The pocket leaflets can be purchased from the HSE website or via HSE Books and is available in a variety of formats including MP3 audio, large print and Welsh.

Generally we advise clients to purchase and display the poster in their Reception so its easily brought to the attention of the entire workforce as they enter the building. The Reception area is also the first port of call for an inspector as he / she awaits collection from the host. There is of course absolutely no reason why an employer should not display it in a kitchen or an employee rest room. By having the poster on display in a prominent position like the Reception area (not hidden behind a large pot plant) prevents the need for an employer to prove to an enforcement officer that a leaflet had been issued to employees.

How Many Posters to Display?
Each and every employer who decides to display the poster, must display it on any site under their control. Construction sites generally display this in the Site Office.  In multiple or shared offices or establishments each employer will each need to display one for their  workforce even though the information on the poster may be similar to that of other employers within the shared building. This may seem a bit over the top say for shops in a shopping mall but some of the information in the blank boxes will be unique to an employers own circumstances.

The new posters have a serial number and a hologram so this needs to be checked when purchasing. It’s preferable to purchase these posters through the HSE Books Tel 01787881165, but don’t worry, just because you purchase your poster from the HSE Books does not mean that an inspector is going to turn up on your doorstep!

Click here to learn more on the old Poster
Click here to learn more on the new Poster

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