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New Poster 6th April 2009

It is no longer a legal requirement to complete the blank boxes for the new poster but we would advise that employers do so as it demonstrates to the employers workforce and to any enforcement officer that the employer takes health and safety risk management seriously.

Top Box - 1

The top box allows the employer to list the names of the Health and Safety Representatives (see above Old Poster April 1999 3 x Boxes Left Hand Side)

Box 2

This is box is to record significant optional information relating to risk management.  We advise employers to include the following details in this box

The name/s and work telephone number/s for the first aider/s

The name of the manager responsible for implementing the company health and safety policy along with the words ‘Responsible for Implementing Company Health and Safety Policy’

The name and contact details of the employers source of ‘Competent Health and Safety Advice’. This could be the employer themselves or a nominated member of the workforce with sufficient experience, competency and time to undertake this role or it could be outsourced to an independent Health and Safety Consultant such as The Safety Business Ltd.

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