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We only use the most qualified and experienced advisors for our fire and safety consulting services. Take Rob Alcott for example with over 30 years at senior level in the fire and rescue service. Rob holds an impressive list of fire service as well as industry qualifications.  And because of his practical experience he knows what can go wrong and what the consequences will be.

But Rob isn’t just a man with a clipboard!  He also understands your business needs and budget. So he’ll always offer practical, cost effective solutions to problems that allow for financial constraints and your building’s physical limitations.

With Rob on board, you can be sure our fire safety audit is the most thorough you’ll get. Here’s a brief overview of our audit:

Check Includes
Sources of ignition Electrical appliances, chemicals & smoking areas.
Structural features Layout of your building, and escape routes.
Fire alarm systems Location and suitability.How often you test them and how you record the tests.
Means of escape Number and suitability of exits. Fire resistant self-closing doors. Make sure your signage conforms to regulations and is in the right places.
Drills Frequency, procedure and recording.
Portable fire fighting equipment Location and suitability of extinguishers and sprinklers. Frequency of testing and make sure people are trained to use them.
Existing emergency plans Fire evacuation routine notices.DDA evacuation procedures. Checks exits and assembly points are clearly marked. Checks extinguishers are readily available and people are trained to use them.
Training Checks enough staff are trained as fire wardens and what instructions are given to staff. Checks your induction pack.

The audit is followed by a structured and easy to follow 36-point report, prioritised by any actions you need to take immediately. Each recommendation is clearly explained.


Call us on  0207 724 4038  or email us at to find out more about our fire safety consulting services and audits.

Call us on  0207 724 4038  or email us at to find out more about our health and safety inspections.

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