The Safety Business

We think creatively to prevent injuries at work

If you want your health and safety consultants to carry clip boards and look officious, don’t call The Safety Business. You’ll find our approach rather different to other health and safety advisors.

Our aim is the same: to help you prevent injuries at work and to ensure workplace safety, whatever your place of work. But we think laterally and creatively about health and safety problems.

First we consider the outcome you want. Then we think about how we can achieve it for you: safely and within the law. We do this by drawing on our vast experience of very complex, unusual, and often potentially dangerous situations.

We solve some workplace safety issues over the phone.  Others need on-site workplace risk assessments to determine potential risks and offer advice that will prevent injuries at work.

Whether by phone or on site, our research will be thorough and our recommendations will be practical. We can’t guarantee they will always be inexpensive but they will be effective. And plan B is included.

Call us on 0207 724 4038 or email us at to find out how we can help you ensure workplace safety.

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