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Writing your health and safety policy

Writing a health and safety policy, making sure you’ve covered everything you need to, can be timing consuming: not to mention dull.  However, if you employ more than five people you’re legally obliged to have a written policy in place.

Here’s how your health and safety policy document should look. It should be divided into three sections:

1) General policy statement signed and dated by a senior director.

2) The organisation -  this outlines who is responsible for health and safety, and welfare issues.  It’s is a sort of who does what and who monitors what list.

3) Arrangements and procedures in place – this is to make everyone in your organisation aware of each procedure, what needs to be done, and who’s responsible for doing it.

It may look like a lot of hard work but we’ll help you cover everything thoroughly, smoothly and painlessly.


Existing health and safety policies and reviews

Working conditions continually change in most organisations.  Fresh hazards arise as new equipment and substances are introduced. People who were responsible for certain health and safety procedures leave.

Because of this you are obliged by the Health and Safety at Work Act to keep your policy up to date. You’ll need to make any necessary revisions and make your staff aware of the changes.

But where do you start?  How do you keep on top of changes?  How do you even know if your policy is out of date – particularly if you’re new to the role?

We can evaluate your existing health and safety policy and procedures. We’ll make sure it meets with current best practice and that it complies with the law.

We’ll prepare a report for you and amend or rewrite your policy as necessary.

We can also monitor your policy on an ongoing basis so you’ll never have to worry about it.

Call us on  0207 724 4038  or email us at to find out how we can help you with your health and safety policies.

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